About Us

Our Story

PinAddict.com is the latest creation of Cypress Collectibles Inc., a family-owned-and-operated business based in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, on the outskirts of scenic Northwest Austin. We have been designing, manufacturing, and selling patches since 2006. You can see those products at PatchAddict.com. However, when we started looking at the available pins on the market, we were really disappointed in the quality, especially when it came to international flag pins. We spent a lot of time looking at different manufacturing methods and viewing countless prototypes. We wanted to be able to replicate the precise detail of our patches in enamel pin form. We think we've succeeded. We think our enamel pins are the best on the market. We may not have hundreds to choose from as we do withpatches, but we are growing and will continue to add new products!

Our Legal Mumbo Jumbo

All of the pin designs you see on PinAddict.com are © Copyright 2006-2019 Cypress Collectibles Inc, all rights reserved. We actively protect all of our designs, so if you decide to copy one of our pins, you will be hearing from our attorney. Likewise, all of the product photographs on this webpage are © Copyright 2018-2019 Cypress Collectibles Inc. and no permission is given for reproduction, download or copying of these images. PinAddict, the PinAddict logo, PinAddict.com, the PinAddict.com logo, and "Wear Your Pride on Your Sleeve" are all trademarks of Cypress Collectibles Inc.